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10 Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Brand’s Growth & Awareness

Digital marketing has changed the landscape of action for marketing professionals. The sector has presented some transitions in its strategies that have adjusted to the trends from different points of view and perspectives.  However, what they have in common is that they have all focused on reaching the consumer in the most complete way. Continuing with the changes could be the key.
The current consumer knows perfectly that the brands must adjust to these changes because the competition has intensified and the options are now multiple.  A fact that cannot be overlooked is that customers are the soul (and life) of a business, and it is no longer sufficient to offer and expect an investment return almost automatically.  Build trust and privacy and then convince them will be part of the most relevant strategies. You must be omnipresent and be on top of the mind. The importance is to create awareness about a brand to be consumed.

Strategies to create brand awareness

  1. Project relevance – It’s not about creating more potential customers, it’s about creating greater intimacy and relevance with the customers you already have. It provides the right solution to the right people.
  2. References Program – Users are happy to spread the word of your product or service when they know they are going to make a profit for it. An example, Dropbox offers users 500 MB of additional storage space for each friend they recommend (up to 16 GB).
  3. Freemium – Many online products allow users to choose between a free version or the option to upgrade the account to the paid version, which allows users to remove the brand or replace it with their own logo. Many users will opt for the free version, which will help to make your brand known to other users.
  4. Multichannel – It is not about appearing everywhere for everyone, because it is something without meaninglessness. The goal of being multi-channel and omnipresent is to appear in front of the most relevant potential customers to be in your mind, which in turn guarantees that you want more content and trust them.
  5. Merchandising – Put your brand on pen drives, pens, notebooks, hats, etc., and then give your articles at festivals and local events.
  6. Social media – Be consistent with your updates and create a community of loyal followers by sharing interesting articles with them, creating debates and solving their doubts.
  7. Unique personality – One sure way to increase brand awareness is to create a unique identity. Your ads and articles could become viral in the network, helping you to increase your sales.
  8. Social AdvertisingAds on Facebook and Twitter are relatively cheap and help you get more visibility for your brand.
  1. Attention is the new currency – The attention becomes increasingly expensive. Now it is more important than ever to make the most of the users attention and above all to capture it. People are so overwhelmed with messages that they are segmenting what they offer. The priority is to offer something of quality, value and to help the user with relevant information.
  2. Infographics Infographics are a good way to show interesting marketing data and statistics. These pieces of content are often shared a lot on social networks, so it is a great tool to create brand awareness.
In short, the goal is to gain influence so that your brand awareness grows; these are some of the actions that can be taken but, of course, they are not the only ones.

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