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8 Ways To Effectively Market Your Business

If you own a brand, the first thing you have to think about is a good marketing campaign which is always fundamental. You can have the best products on the market, the lowest prices, the best quality or the most developed technology, but if this is only known to your friends, we can assure you that you will not go too far. Below are ways to effectively market your brand.
Reward those who recommend you
Users will be happy to publicize your product if they know they will make a profit. Dropbox is a good example of this. This platform offers users an extra 500 MB storage for each friend they refer, delivering a maximum of up to 16 GB additional. In the beginning, Dropbox saved millions of dollars in advertising and got thousands of new subscriptions through word of mouth.
Guest post
Another great way to market your brand on the web is to deliver valuable information shared from other sites or blogs. The guest post is still a powerful way to get known in the industry. However, for this to work, you must have a staff of high-quality guest editors. Creating memorable and valuable content will give a good impression to your new visits, and this will be lasting.
Free in exchange for credits
Many online products, such as software, allow users to choose between a free version, which includes a watermark or credit, or the option to upgrade to the paid version, which allows you to eliminate it or replace it with your own logo. Marketing your brand in this way makes you win on both sides. Some of these new customers are going to opt for the free version, that having a water seal will be made known to other consumers. And other users will want the paid version, and you will receive that income. In short, providing a product in this way means getting more paying customers and building brands.
Local brand associations
Another great brand marketing strategy is to get involved with local associations, which is very important for those businesses whose approach is oriented to the area where they are located. Partner with other local companies for events such as seminars or festivals. You can also sponsor sports teams and donate to charity events. Keeping your brand close to festivals and events is a great way to get noticed.
Contests in social networks
The contests in social media are very effective. Make one where the participants have to upload a photo or video, and other users have to vote for their favorites. Contestants will share the link with their friends and family to get more votes, and the result for you will be to market your brand at low cost.
Focus on few social networks
With the constant increase of social networks, trying to be always active in all of them is an error. If your business is more suitable for a particular network, do not be afraid to put most of your energy in those sites and not try to cover everything. For example, if your business focuses on photos, you can focus on Instagram and Pinterest.
B2B companies in general work better with Twitter, while SMEs in more creative industries can do very well on Instagram. You have to know in which networks your audience is concentrated. It is not necessary (or recommended) to leave aside the rest of social networks, but put the greatest efforts in what you know will work. If you do not know well where to notify, start by using analytics to see where the traffic is coming from.
Publish on LinkedIn
Recently, LinkedIn has allowed all its users to post messages from their blogs directly to this platform. If your message receives a lot of attention, it could end up at the start of LinkedIn for many users. As an added benefit, having posts linked to your LinkedIn account helps you to be considered an opinion leader. Make sure to share and promote your messages right after posting.
Unique personality
A sure way to get known and market your brand, is giving it a unique and fun identity. If you work in an industry where a small dose of comedy or personality is appropriate, being outrageous can make your brand extremely memorable. An example of this is Old Spice. Their hilarious ads not only leave an impression on the public, but they have also become viral sensations and have significantly increased sales.

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