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What Are The Advantages With Animated Videos For Your Business

You are doing everything that you are supposed to do to get clients. You have optimized your website; your SEO positioning is excellent, the campaigns in Adwords or Facebook Ads work, and your content fits perfectly. However, conversions and real customers do not arrive. Why? Because you need an animation video for your brand. An animated video is a useful tool because it combines auditory and visual stimulation, which increases the retention rate of the viewer. In addition, when incorporated into a marketing strategy, video is an even more powerful means of communication.

What are the advantages of having an animated video?

The eye adores animations

The animations are simple, colorful and moving. This allows the eye to not suffer or lose interest; to see them, feel comfortable with them and even be attracted by its simplicity. Why do you think children love cartoons? Although we did not create it, our eye continues working as when we were children.

They are easy to understand

The animation, with its simplicity, allows transmitting any type of message in the simplest and closest way. A graphic that at first sight could seem inexplicable becomes a funny animation that is understood in 5 seconds.

You will have more brand awareness

Again, the limitations of a real recording or the cost for one of them may affect the final result of your video. There is nothing like animation to explain complicated processes or intangible products. Make a creative video will result in more visits to your site, more customers, and improve the image of your brand generating empathy.

They serve for anything

Sometimes it is thought that animated videos do not fit with a company. “They are not very serious,“ some think. But they are wrong. Argo, the film by Ben Affleck awarded with an Oscar, begins by explaining the whole story with animated characters. And precisely the story that counts is not a little serious, right? Any theme, company or concept can be developed through animation.

It serves both for products and services

They can be applied to any topic, regardless of whether your business makes products or provides a service. It is much easier to use metaphors or abstract complex elements; you can explain with examples and integrate graphic elements of your company as icons more naturally.

Motion graphics and the brain

We are all bombarded with more and more information and data, and a good visualization of these along with a consistent animated infographic makes this information meaningful, while storytelling makes it memorable. Something as simple as the choice of the color palette, the size of the typography, the shape and orientation of the elements, helps our brain to process information better.

Increase results

When companies opt for shorter and more entertaining videos, the reward is often very rewarding. An animated video has a conversion rate 20% higher than a standard two-minute corporate video. When the video is short and entertaining, it is more difficult for people to leave your website; on the contrary, they will stay longer browsing it and better understand what your company is doing.
The amount of possibilities, compared to a video with real characters, is much wider. Imagine what you imagine, you can use it in an animated video for companies.

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