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How To Create Social Media Ad Campaigns Designed For Leads & Sales

Business owners often mistakenly assume that social media marketing is very easy. With even kids enjoying viral videos on platforms such as YouTube, such a concept is not surprising. But truth be told, social media marketing is tougher than you may believe. It is important to build and then execute powerful social media marketing campaigns that are designed and crafted strategically to let you get new leads and make sales. Here are some easy tips to help you build successful social media ad campaigns designed for sales and leads.

Research your competition

This is an important step ignored by many marketers while marketing in social media. With proper research, you can find out what is working for your competitors. Then, you can use the interesting insight to have leads informed and to make your own campaigns better. For instance, you can check how your competitors cover some topics and the content types that they create. Check whether they post many Q&As or share tutorials. Look at the posts that draw optimum attention. Also look at the timings of their post, the regularity of their content uploading, the tone that they are using, whether they are pushing products and services aggressively etc.

Develop your own strategy

As you uncover the social media strategies of your competitors, you can develop a much stronger strategy for your brand. This can give you an edge. You can conduct a manual research or use the same research tools of your competitor for data compilation. Before focusing on any other thing, you should develop a solid campaign strategy. It can be a complex one, but you can begin by breaking down the complex strategy into basic ones.  Start by choosing the objective for your social campaign. Next, select the metrics that you will like to monitor. Lastly, develop the content and messages around your campaign objective in such a manner that the audience is most likely to find it interesting.

Use varied content for promoting a message

Once you have finalized the type of message that you would integrate into your social media campaign, you would like to move on to the following step. Use various formats for the delivery of your chosen message, such as blog posts, videos, infographics etc and check which one serves you the best. For instance, you can market a product with each media type and check which one gets the best response from the audience. Continue to use varied formats and favor the ones that draw optimal response. When you do this, you can ensure interesting communication channels and engage your users.

Maintain harmony between non-promotional and promotional content

It is especially important to strike a balance between the two types of content due to the new algorithm of Facebook. In case you only share promotional content, your audience will lose interest and cease to follow you. On the other hand, sharing just non-promotional content means you will be unlikely to enjoy the type of results that you want with your campaigns. Thus, try adding content from external sources – or content not developed by you – to your social feed.

Post Trending and Unique Content

Can content be unique as well as trending? While this might seem slightly as oxymoron, it can actually be a very useful strategy for your social media ad campaigns. Find strategies or topics that are trending, and then give them a fresh spin. For example, if a lot of marketers are publishing content about how the latest Google algorithm update is going to hit the bottom line of businesses, you can write about how it can actually aid businesses and make it easier for them to form a connection with their leads and make more sales.

Optimize the posting routine with scheduling software

If you try to make social posts in a rush, they are not going to hit the bull’s eye. Rather, you should try and optimize your social campaigns. Use a scheduling software program to publish posts in a routine, and streamline the entire process. You may build a social media calendar beforehand, and schedule posts for particular dates and times. With such an approach, you can easily reduce a lot of time that you will otherwise waste in uploading and publishing content on various social platforms. You can use the time that is saved to concentrate on developing interesting content and ensuring user engagement.

Engage the audience with Social Listening Tools

These are very powerful tools that let you get an idea of what social media users are conversing about with respect to your brand. This might be quite different from what the customers actually say about your brand. You can use these tools for monitoring how impacting your campaigns are, and check the discussions of people. With social listening tools, you can also check the queries of people regarding your industry, brand or product. These questions can give you exciting social content development ideas.

Give every social campaign a unique hashtag

On social platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, Hashtags are extremely powerful entities. These boost drive engagement and allow you to track your campaign results. With a branded, unique hashtag for your particular campaigns and brand, you may easily track user-generated content and user-engagement even when the audience does not remember to directly tag your brand in the posts they make.  However, branded hashtags should never be substitute the commoner hashtags being used by your audience. If you wish to maximize track-ability and reach, make use of both common and branded hashtags in every post.

Go Live

You should not miss out on the huge opportunity offered by Live-streaming, which is undoubtedly a major social media trend. Try going live on Instagram or Facebook on those topics that are associated to your social media ad campaigns. Answer customer queries, host Q&A sessions and boost customer engagement.

Analyse the performance of your campaigns

You should regularly analyse your campaign’s success, as it progresses, and closely assess it after it comes to an end. This will allow you interesting insight and details about the things that did or did not work.

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