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How To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Having a considerable flow of web traffic is not good data if these visits are not of quality. The techniques to get qualified web traffic are quite varied and not all have the same effectiveness in the different web pages. In order to increase visits to the blog or the web, you must continue testing until you find the most effective way for the project you have in hand, or to meet the established objectives.

What are the tricks to attract more traffic to your website?

Add links in social profiles

Social profiles have space where you can detail more information about your website, ideal space to include a URL, use it! To measure the traffic coming from your social profiles, you must include UTMs , that is, text fragments that are added to the end of the URL (which do not affect your page or its positioning) that will allow your web analytics tool “ track “ all those clicks and know how many people arrive and from where. In this case, it is convenient to rely on shorteners, since in many profiles, the complete URL is shown.

Disseminate the content in Social Networks

It is very important that all the interesting content that is generated on your website is disseminated on your social networks. The dissemination of these contents will always help you generate more traffic. In addition, we advise you to learn to recycle that content that has been more successful, since 80% of the time it has the same positive impact again. One of the options is to include Social Plugins and social metadata for an optimal distribution of the contents.

Charging speed

The time it takes to load a web, or a specific page is essential, both for web positioning and user experience. Both are related to each other in a very direct way. Think about it, Google wants to offer the best to its users, and therefore it will show up those pages that take less time to load. That your website takes too long to load will not cause Google to penalize you, but it will show other results over yours. If you optimize the loading speed of those pages that you want to position, it will be more likely that you will go up in the ranking and, therefore, increase your visits.

PPC Marketing

Paid advertising is the fastest method to get web traffic, but also the most ephemeral since at the moment when the investment ends, the flow of visits ends. In addition, this
does not improve the positioning of the website, but the ads. When you are just starting out, it can be a good method to get fast web traffic and enjoy almost immediate visibility.

Bookmarks: Quora and Reddit

Using Bookmarks to publicize a website is effective, but you have to be careful; in this type of community, the promotion of oneself or a site is not well seen, so, in order not to look like spam, you have to participate actively. On the other hand, there are also bookmarks and image hosting sites to promote, distribute, share original photos and build links around the images.
Surely with these tips, you can attract much more traffic to your website. Put them into practice, and you will see positive results!

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