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The Best Visual Communication Strategies To Engage Your Customers

If the desire is to pursue content marketing campaign to boost your business and to engage more customers, then it will be necessary to understand what exactly is likely to stimulate online engagement and growth. Marketing should definitely include text based contents. Visual content strategies do play a crucial role to help the business to be set apart from its competitors in the digital arena.

Significance of visual communication

The fact is that 65% people are considered to be visual learners. Approximately 90% of information which reaches the brain is ‘visual’. Presentations having visual aides do prove to be 43% more ‘persuasive’. Hence, it does make great sense to choose content types that customers can resonate to psychologically.

Six popular visual communication strategies

Using the below mentioned strategies is sure to take your business marketing campaign to a higher level and achieve better and quick results.
  • Images: Splitting text body with compelling images is sure to make people to get more interested to complete reading what has been written. But the images need to be contextually relevant and of very high quality. According to industry experts, articles having related images are likely to get 94%+ views when compared to those without images. With increased mobile net access and digital content over saturation, attention spans of Customers have become much shorter these days. Big block contents can be off-putting. Original images added to the contents can add that much desired personalized touch to the marketing campaign. There are available resources that can help create captivating, unique images for free. There are also present limitless quality images that can be used for free.
  • Infographics: They are regarded to be fabulous drawing tool for all complex statistics and data. They can be collated into easily intelligible and compelling visual display. With diligent promotional endeavors, which include social media, landing page optimization and key influencers, infographics can be made part of  Visual Communication marketing strategy. In order to derive better results from this strategy, there is a need to make the design and layout as impacting as possible. The right fonts, shapes and colors are to be combined to convey important data. Also, the information planned to be included within the infographic needs to be contextually relevant and accurate. Using stunning visualizations, even the most mundane statistics may be conveyed with great interest. All visual elements are to carry a narrative. Bloggers do love good infographic. Hence, if the blog is promoted effectively, then it is sure to be circulated within the blogosphere and social media platforms. More publicity for the brand can be derived from more shares, especially if it is able to achieve ‘viral’ status. While sharing infographic through social media, it will useful to include thumbnail image and hyperlink to site, where there is hosted full image. It enables bypassing size restrictions present on the different social media platforms, to bring more traffic to the website.
  • Videos: With videos, it is possible to present common problems and show solutions offered by products. An amazing video tends to serve as fabulous clout for the business campaign. It also demonstrates your preparedness to go that extra mile to provide quality. The landing page having interesting videos can increase conversion rate by 86%. Several types of videos can be used to improve business, like animated explainers, how-to videos, testimonials of Customers and demonstrations. Whatever be the choice, there is a genuine need for the videos to be congruent with overall style and brand ethos. Studies have revealed that videos receive 300%+ inbound links. The video used need to be of very high caliber to be made chief representation of the brand within the digital arena.
  • Screenshots: Audience can be provided with glimpse into inner workings of the service or product with Visual Communication screenshots. It is possible to show what functions and services are offered from direct perspective. Even screenshots can be combined with few marketing copies or testimonials for boosting credibility. Screenshots can prove to be useful to back up claims being made within sales contents. If an app is being marketed that performs specific functions, then screenshot with caption is likely to be visual verification that is required by the audience to trust claims made. Moreover, screenshots can be annotated if the desire is to draw attention to any specific part of an image or to offer in-depth explanation of things going behind the scenes. In short, screenshots are useful and considered to be a wonderful trust building tool.
  • Presentations: Presentations are no more restricted to the boardroom. Rather now, it is possible to share them through sites like Slide-share, thus expanding business outreach. Visual Communication is possible through slide-share presentation via any device. They have larger focus upon attractive colors and designs and draw Customers to the text. A well crafted presentation can prove to be effective and engage people with the content. Complex information can be presented in digestible, humorous slides and offer users with factional advice. With plenty of information likely to be used in the presentation, it will be essential to be consistent when using things like colors, borders and fonts. Proofreading the contents for grammar and spelling mistakes is also crucial.
  • Memes: These days, memes are known commonly as images and go along with humorous captions. Currently, they do represent quirky and easy to create visual content form. Creating own meme is undoubtedly can help evoke positive emotions. It also helps to set the business apart from the competitors.  Also it will be essential to determine if memes are found appropriate for the niche business and if they can gain actual engagement with online Customers. It can be much beneficial if the brand resonates well with younger audiences. In-jokes can also be created about the industry with memes and make people to develop a community surrounding the brand and promote it.
This way, the above mentioned visual communication strategies when properly understood and implemented can help the business to derive huge benefits.

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