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An animated video is a useful tool because it combines auditory and visual stimulation, which increases the retention rate of the viewer. Why do you think children love cartoons? Although we did not create it, our eye continue working as when we were children. When incorporated into a marketing strategy, a video is an even more powerful means of communication.  The animations are simple, colorful and moving, this is an easy way of portraying your brand image and message or product. There is nothing like animation to explain complicated processes or intangible products. They can be applied to any topic, regardless of whether your business makes products or provides a service. It is much easier to use metaphors or abstract complex elements; you can explain with examples and integrate graphic elements of your company as icons more naturally. We are all bombarded with more and more information and data, and a good visualization of these along with a consistent animated infographic makes this information meaningful, while storytelling makes it memorable. Something as simple as the choice of the color palette, the size of the typography, the shape and orientation of the elements, helps our brain to process information better. Make a creative video that will result in more visits to your site, more customers, and improve the image of your brand generating empathy. When companies opt for shorter and more entertaining videos, the reward is often very rewarding. An animated video has a conversion rate 20% higher than a standard two-minute corporate video. When the video is short and entertaining, it is more difficult for people to leave your website; on the contrary, they will stay longer browsing it and better understand what your company is doing. Our amazing and imaginative 2D and 3D animated videos are compatible to meet all your business development strategies. Use our expressive and inspired creations for your brand and grab the attention of your target audience. We help you stand out from the competition by engaging your customers and improving conversion rates. Explore new avenues, with us.



Get your professional animated  video for your business created today by our team of experts. We would love to discuss your project in detail and how we can make a vision turn into reality. Here are some of the Animation services we offer to help businesses expand and grow:


We do everything in our power to make each project an absolute winner. You will receive multiple concepts to choose from and unlimited revisions. We offer great customer service and a commitment to excellence that we combine to deliver world class final product. We are so confident in our team and our approach that we offer a very special guarantee in our standard packages. Turbo Global Media offers an unrivaled 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with our work, we will refund every penny you paid us for the specific project. We don’t subtract any processing fees and we don’t make you jump through hoops. If you don’t like it, you simply get your full money back!